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Rems 185X03 Krokodil 180 SR Basic Pack + 2 Free Diamond Blades (240v/110v)

REMS Wall Chasing Machine

The REMS Wall Chasing Chisel:  Its slim design enables access to tight spaces, while its high-quality construction ensures longevity and reliability. Say goodbye to cumbersome chisels, and experience the efficiency of the REMS Chasing Chisel: Splitting Chisel for all your chiseling needs.

125mm twin bladed diamond wall chasing machine with powerful 1,750 watt motor.

Suitable for all types of masonry including concrete, brickwork, concrete blocks and steel reinforced concrete.

Maximum cutting depth of 38mm and variable cutting width up to 43mm with spacer discs of 3, 6, 10 and 20mm.

Featuring multi-function electronics with soft start, idle speed limiting and 5,000rpm maximum speed.

Supplied with a suction nozzle for connection to a vacuum, steel carry case and pin wrench.

Diamond Blades

125mm diamond blades with 20mm centre.

Please note the Krokodil is supplied with 2 x LS Turbo Diamond blades while this promotion lasts.