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REMS Cento Cutting Machine:8-115mm

REMS Cento Cutting Machine:8-115mm

Rems Cento is a super-fast pipe cutting machine for a wide range of pipe types up to 115mm diameter. Applying the powered cutter wheel rotates the pipe on four bearing mounted hardened rollers cutting quickly, squarely and without distortion. Cento is a clean dry cutting process that uses no coolant and produces no sparks or swarf. It is ideal for pressfit pipes as there is no outer burr to damage the O-rings.

Cento is a high quality machine with a tough 1200w motor and a cast base for excellent rigidity and accuracy. The specially hardened Rems cutter wheels give long service life and come in a range of types to suit the different pipe types. The machine is supplied without cutter wheel.

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Rems Cento Pipe Cutter

  • Tube cutting machine for universal pipe types
  • Easily portable for site or workshop use – weighs just 16.8kg
  • Dry and spark free cutting process without swarf
  • Ideal for pressfit – cuts square & without burrs
  • Pipe cutting capacity:
    Stainless Steel Pressfit – 8 to 108mmCarbon Steel Pressfit – 8 to 108mmCopper – 8 to 108mmSteel EN 10255 (BS1387) – 14 to 115mm (1/4″ to 4″NB)Cast Iron BS EN 877 – 50 to 100NBPlastic & Composite Pipes – 10 – 110mm