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8.8 Grade High Tensile UNC Threaded Nylon Insert Lock Nut with EPG Coating – DIN 985

This 8.8 Grade High Tensile Nylon Insert Lock Nut features a robust UNC thread pattern and is enhanced with an EPG coating for superior corrosion resistance. Designed to meet the stringent standards of DIN 985, it is engineered for securing mechanical components with a self-locking design that resists loosening under vibrations and torque.

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Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 1 1/4''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 1''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 1/4''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 3/16''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 3/4''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 3/8''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 5/16''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 5/8''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 7/16''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 7/8''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) EPG 9/16''
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ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG1 1/4''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG1''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG1/4''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG3/16''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG3/4''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG3/8''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG5/16''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG5/8''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG7/16''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG7/8''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)EPG9/16''

Product Data Sheet

Item: 8.8 Grade High Tensile UNC Threaded Nylon Insert Lock Nut with EPG Coating

Product Features:

  • Material Grade: 8.8 signifies a medium-high grade of tensile strength for applications requiring robust fastening solutions.
  • Thread Specification: UNC (Unified Coarse Thread), typically used in applications where the thick gauge threads provide strong engagement in materials.
  • Nylon Insert: This feature adds a locking mechanism to the nut, utilizing a nylon collar insert that grips the threaded bolt and resists loosening due to vibration or movement.
  • Coating: EPG (Electro-Plated Galvanized) describes a zinc plating applied through an electrochemical process, adding a corrosion-resistant layer that extends the nut’s lifespan even under challenging environmental conditions.
  • Standards Compliance: Conforms to DIN 985, the German standard outlining specifications for prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with a nylon insert, ensuring reliability and quality.


  • Ideal for use in applications where vibration or movement could lead to loosening of the assembly, such as in automotive, machinery, and construction industries.
  • The 8.8-grade tensile strength allows these nuts to be used in applications where a considerable amount of force or stress is expected.
  • The UNC threading and size suit them for use in a variety of general and specialized fastening tasks in both American and international contexts where this thread standard is used.

Quality and Compliance:

  • This product complies with DIN 985 standards, expected to undergo rigorous quality control to ensure the nylon insert functions correctly, providing a self-locking feature.
  • The nut’s characteristics must be regularly inspected to certify that the high tensile strength and the EPG coating’s integrity are maintained.

Installation and Maintenance:

  • During installation, ensure use with compatible 8.8 grade or higher bolts to match the nut’s load-bearing capabilities.
  • While the nylon insert provides a locking function, it is crucial not to over-torque to prevent stripping threads or damaging the nylon insert.
  • Repeated use may wear down the nylon insert, so it’s advisable to replace the nut when its locking feature is critical for the application.

Storage and Handling:

  • Nuts should be kept in a controlled environment to protect the EPG coating and nylon insert from degradation.
  • Stock rotation practices should be in place to use older inventory first and avoid long-term storage that might compromise the material integrity.

This nylon insert lock nut with high tensile strength and protective EPG coating conforms to specialized standards required for safety and performance. Its versatile design ensures broad suitability across various demanding applications where a reliable locking mechanism and corrosion resistance are imperative.





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