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“5/8” UNC High Tensile Hexagonal Thin (Jam) Nut – Black Finish.

5/8” UNC Grade 5 High Tensile Hexagonal Jam Nut with Black Oxide Finish

Engineering Specifications:

  • Thread Specification: UNC 5/8″ – Coarse thread, conforming to ASME B1.1 thread standards ensuring compatibility with UNC-threaded bolts/studs.
  • Material Specification: The nut is fabricated from a high-grade carbon steel alloy with a minimum tensile strength compliant with Grade 5 specifications, suitable for applications demanding high strength and durability.
  • Mechanical Properties: Offers proof load strength that aligns with SAE J995 Grade 5 requirements, characterized by resistance to stripping or shearing under high-torque and high-load conditions.
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  • Nut Profile: Hexagonal shape with a reduced height profile, intended for use in applications where a standard nut height does not provide the required compactness or when it is necessary to lock another nut in place.
  • Finish: Applied black oxide (chemical conversion) coating for minimal corrosion resistance, meant primarily for reducing light reflection and providing a uniform appearance. Additional surface treatment might be necessary for more severe corrosion resistance applications.
  • Design Compliance: Engineered in accordance with standardized dimensions and tolerances to ensure a precise fit and alignment for fastening in mechanical and structural engineering applications.

Application Considerations:

  • Load-Bearing: This jam nut is not intended to be the primary load-bearing nut but rather to provide a locking function when used in conjunction with a full nut or to fit in areas with limited vertical space.
  • Vibrational Resistance: Particularly suited for settings exposed to vibrational forces where a secondary locking mechanism is beneficial to maintain joint integrity.
  • Corrosion Environment: While the black oxide finish does offer some corrosion protection, it is not recommended for highly corrosive environments unless further corrosion resistance measures are implemented.

Installation & Maintenance Insights:

  • Torque Handling: Care should be taken to not exceed the recommended torque values for Grade 5 nuts to prevent compromising the structural integrity of the nut and mating fasteners.
  • Installation Efficiency: The hexagonal profile allows for efficient application and removal, supportable by a range of standard tools.
  • Sustainability: The nut’s reusability should be assessed after each fastening cycle to ensure the nylon insert maintains its locking capability and the integrity of the threads.

Storage & Handling:

  • Environment: Keep in an environment to prevent oxidative degradation, which might be induced by moisture or other corrosive agents.
  • Identification: Clearly label and segregate from other nuts to avoid misapplication.

This 5/8” UNC high-tensile hexagonal thin jam nut is engineered for spaces requiring compact locking solutions, offering significant strength within a reduced profile. The black finish provides a subtle appearance and slight corrosion resistance, requiring additional treatment for harsh environments.

Type of Nut

Thin Nuts