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High Tensile Hexagonal Nut/EPG/UNC/BS 18.2.2/8.8

High Tensile Hexagonal Nut/EPG/UNC/BS 18.2.2/8.8 is a versatile and durable fastening solution designed for a wide range of applications. This premium quality nut is manufactured to meet stringent standards, ensuring strength and reliability.

With its high tensile strength and hexagonal shape, it provides superior grip and security. Whether used in construction, automotive, or industrial settings, this nut delivers exceptional performance and long-lasting durability. Upgrade to the High Tensile Hexagonal Nut/EPG/UNC/BS 18.2.2/8.8 for top-notch quality and peace of mind.


SizeType of Nut
1 1/2'' Hexagonal Nut
1 1/4'' Hexagonal Nut
SizeType of NutQuantityAdd to Cart
1 1/2''Hexagonal Nut
1 1/4''Hexagonal Nut

High Tensile Hexagonal Nut/EPG/UNC/BS 18.2.2/8.8. This innovative and unparalleled nut is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry.

High tensile strength: With a rating of 8.8, this hexagonal nut is incredibly strong and durable, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. – Precision engineering:

Each nut is manufactured to exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance. – EPG coating: The EPG coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, making this nut suitable for use in harsh environments. – UNC threads: The Unified National Coarse threads ensure easy installation and secure fastening. – BS 18.2.2 compliance:




Type of Nut

Hexagonal Nut