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8.8 Grade Black High Tensile Hexagonal Head Bolt – Half Thread BSW, BS 18.2.1 (1965)

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ProfileGradeFinishThread TypeSize
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) Black Half Thread 1/2'' x 2 1/2''
Imperial High Tensile (8.8) Black Half Thread 1/2'' x 3''
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ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)BlackHalf Thread1/2'' x 2 1/2''
ImperialHigh Tensile (8.8)BlackHalf Thread1/2'' x 3''

High Tensile 8.8 Grade Hexagonal Head Bolt – BSW Thread, Half-Threaded


  • Grade: 8.8, high tensile strength, indicative of a medium-carbon steel with good tensile strength and is widely used in industrial applications for its robustness.
  • Thread Design: Half-threaded, providing a dual-functionality with the threaded portion securing the bolt and the unthreaded shank offering sheer resistance and alignment features.
  • Thread Standard: BSW (British Standard Whitworth), a coarse thread pattern known for its compatibility with a wide range of fastening tasks and particularly common in historic or traditional British applications.
  • Head Style: Hexagonal head, the six-sided design allows for a reliable interface with tools, providing ample leverage for high-torque applications.
  • Standards Compliance: Fully compliant with BS 18.2.1 (1965), the specific British Standard that sets out the characteristics for this type of bolt, ensuring a high level of consistency and uniformity in product quality.
  • Finish: Typically, bolts of such standards come with a protective finish against corrosion, although the specific type of finish is not mentioned. Usually, a zinc-plating or black oxide finish is applied to such bolts.

Intended Applications:

  • Construction: For structural elements that require robust bolts and can benefit from the shear resistance provided by the unthreaded shank.
  • Heavy Machinery: In the composition of machinery where high-strength fasteners are a must to withstand the mechanical stresses during operation.
  • General Industrial Use: Suited for applications across various industries where the strength grade and BSW thread compatibility are necessitated.
  • Restoration Projects: Ideal for restoration or maintenance work on equipment and structures that have been originally designed with BSW thread standards.





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