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High Tensile Hexagonal Flange Nut with Serration( DIN 6923)Metric Fine|8.8|YZPL|M10 X 1.25

High Tensile Hexagonal Flange Nut with Serration, meticulously engineered for precision and strength. Crafted to DIN 6923 standards with a fine metric thread (M10 x 1.25), these nuts offer exceptional durability and reliability in a wide range of applications. The zinc-plated finish adds a layer of protection while providing a polished look.

Key Features:

High Tensile Strength: Precision-manufactured from high-tensile 8.8-grade alloy steel, these hexagonal flange nuts provide exceptional strength, ensuring reliability in demanding applications.

Flange Design with Serration (DIN 6923): The flange design enhances grip, while serrations underneath prevent unintended loosening, ensuring a stable connection even in high-vibration environments.

Metric Fine Thread (M10 x 1.25): Designed with a fine metric thread, these nuts (M10 x 1.25) offer precise threading for applications requiring finer adjustments and a secure fit.

YZPL Finish: The Yellow Zinc Plated (YZPL) finish not only adds a layer of corrosion resistance but also gives the nuts a distinctive appearance.



FinishMaterialHead Type
zinc plated High Tensile Steel 8.8 Hexagonal
FinishMaterialHead TypeQuantityAdd to Cart
zinc platedHigh Tensile Steel 8.8Hexagonal


Automotive and Aerospace Industries
Machinery and Equipment Assembly
Fine Adjustment Metric Applications
High-Vibration Environments

Material: High Tensile Alloy Steel
Grade: 8.8
Standard: DIN 6923
Thread: Metric Fine (M10 x 1.25)
Finish: YZPL (Yellow Zinc Plated)
Shape: Hexagonal Flange Nut with Serration



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