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Allen Keys Keys (DIN 911)Long Arm|Metric

Product Description:

Upgrade your toolkit with our precision-crafted Allen Keys, designed to DIN 911 standards with an extended long arm for enhanced reach. These versatile tools provide reliable performance and durability, making them an indispensable choice for various fastening applications, especially in hard-to-reach places.

Key Features:

  1. DIN 911 : Meet DIN 911 standards, our Allen Keys deliver precision and consistency, ensuring a reliable tool for your fastening needs.
  2. Long Arm Design: The extended long arm design allows for increased leverage and access to recessed or difficult-to-reach screws, making these keys ideal for intricate projects.
  3. Metric Measurements: Tailored for metric applications, these Allen Keys provide a precise fit for a wide range of fasteners, enhancing their versatility.
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Arm LengthStandardSize
Long Arm Metric 10mm
Long Arm Metric 12mm
Long Arm Metric 14mm
Long Arm Metric 3mm
Long Arm Metric 4mm
Long Arm Metric 5mm
Long Arm Metric 6mm
Arm LengthStandardSizeQuantityAdd to Cart
Long ArmMetric10mm
Long ArmMetric12mm
Long ArmMetric14mm
Long ArmMetric3mm
Long ArmMetric4mm
Long ArmMetric5mm
Long ArmMetric6mm


  • Furniture Assembly and Repair
  • Automotive and Machinery Maintenance
  • Construction and Structural Projects
  • DIY and Home Improvement Tasks


  • Standard: DIN 911
  • Type: Allen Keys Long Arm
  • Measurement: Metric

Why Choose Our Allen Keys Long Arm?

  • Conforms to DIN 911 standards for precision and reliability.
  • Long arm design provides extended reach for various applications.
  • Metric measurements ensure compatibility with a range of fasteners.
  • Versatile tools suitable for both professional and DIY use.
Arm Length



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