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AKFIX HIGH TACK Multi Purpose Montage Adhesive:Superior Bond Strength (350kg / 10cm) 290ml

AKFIX HIGH TACK Multi Purpose Montage Adhesive:Superior Bond Strength (350kg / 10cm) 290ml

Akfix All Bond MS High Tack is a MS polymer-based, one component, high quality and professional adhesive with high adhesive strength and initial tack. It is suitable for bonding heavy building materials without the use of clamps and/or fixing tape.
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Features & Benefits:

  • High initial grab,
  • Does not contain solvent, silicone or isocyanate,
  • Semi-elastic bonding,
  • Very good UV resistance
  • Excellent elasticity and very good adhesion strength
  • Over-paintable with water based paints,
  • No bubble formation
  • No shrinkage
  • Primer less adhesion on many different substrates (preliminary test recommended)

Applications Areas:

  • Wall cladding elements and ceiling panels
  • Sound isolation panels (mineral wool, wood-wool cement & plastic foams)
  • Thermal isolation panels (PUR, PIR, PS)
  • Casings and frames in building construction
  • Wooden and plastic laths, ornaments and frames
  • Doorsteps, window sills, skirting boards and cover plates
  • Complete construction elements (such as roofing and facade elements) in frame.


  • Before the application, the tip of the cartridges is cut and a plastic cap is fixed.
  • The tip of the cap is cut according to the width of the surface and fixed to the cartridge gun.
  • Apply the adhesive in strips or dots to the base or on the element to be bonded. The strips must be applied in vertical rows.
  • Bring together the parts to be joined as quickly as possible, at least within 10 minutes (this depends on the temperature and relative humidity level).
  • Any adhesive that may protrude along the edges can be removed using a stopping knife.
    Adhesive residue that has not yet dried can be removed using white spirit or alcohol. Dried adhesive
    must be removed mechanically.
  • Joint width/depth ratio should be 2:1.



Meets or exceeds the requirements of the following specifications:

  • The requirements of VOC content specifications in LEED credit EQc4.1 “Low-emitting products” of SCAQMD rule 1168.
  • The French VOC requirements for class A+
  • CE marked for EN 15651 for façade & glazing applications (DOP NO: 2016-0002).


  • It must not be used in totally confined spaces where sealant cannot cure due to lack of atmospheric moisture.
  • Akfix Allbond High Tack can be applied to a variety of substrates directly. If not sure, we recommend a preliminary compatibility test.


Storage and Shelf Life;

  • They should be protected from water, frost and adverse air conditions.
  • They should be kept dry and cool on wooden pallets at between +10 C and +25 C in moisture free conditions.
  • The opened products should be consumed immediately.
  • Shelf life is maximum 9 months conditional to complying with the aforementioned storage conditions.


Safety & Disposal:

  • For information and advice on the safe handling, storage and disposal of chemical products, users shall refer to the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet containing physical, ecological, toxicological and other safety-related data.