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Abra Grinding Disk

Abra Grinding Disk is a revolutionary tool designed to effortlessly grind and polish various surfaces with precision and ease. Its durable construction, innovative design, and versatile capabilities make it a must-have for DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen, and professionals alike. With its superior performance, efficiency, and reliability, the Abra Grinding Disk is the perfect solution for all your grinding and polishing needs. Experience the difference that this exceptional product can make in achieving a flawless finish every time.


Type of DiscSize
Grinding Disc Q 230 mm x 6 mm x 22.2 mm (9'']
Grinding Disc Q 115 mm x 6mm x 22.2 mm (4 1/2]
Grinding Disc Q 180 mm x 6mm x 22.2 mm (7]
Type of DiscSizeQuantityAdd to Cart
Grinding DiscQ 230 mm x 6 mm x 22.2 mm (9'']
Grinding DiscQ 115 mm x 6mm x 22.2 mm (4 1/2]
Grinding DiscQ 180 mm x 6mm x 22.2 mm (7]

ABRA-DISK® are manufactured with high-quality raw materials. This was initially licensed from a British Company in 1982. Since then, we have kept on refining this bonding technology to be more suitable for the local conditions. The result in grinding and cutting discs is of the highest quality.

Grinding and Cutting Discs are reinforced using resin-impregnated glass fiber circular meshes. These meshes enhance the safety of the discs.

After manufacture, the discs are subjected to a series of tests to ensure they meet the required quality standards.


Type of Disc

Grinding Disc


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